Home Safety manages invisible grilles, Plated Mosquito Mesh and numerous other such extravagant inside items. Our company is consistent with its name present day space which is all around perceived broadly as an imported and incorporated arrangement supplier, for our items.

Invisible Grills, a Singaporean concept, is a system of installing Stainless Steel Cables to cover windows, balconies, or open areas of high-rise buildings. Fire safety and evacuation standards are fully met. Many top builders have approved it in place of M.S grills.

Why Choose Us

New Advanced Technology

For the first time in India, Invisible Grills, an advanced technology employing high strength, rust-free Stainless Steel Grade 316 cables, will be used to provide family safety.

Maximum Security

Invisible Grills have a multi-purpose function that protects children, elders, guests, pets, and all members of your family.

Views from Every Angle

An invisible grill is visually appealing. They have a sublime invisible appearance. Unlike traditional grills, it provides elegant unobstructed clear panoramic views from your home.

Fire Protection

It is used as a replacement for iron and mild steel grills, which are not permitted in many high-rise buildings due to fire safety concerns. Allows for easy evacuation in an emergency.


Quality Marine Grade Stainless Steel Cables

2.5 mm 3 mm 3.5 mm and 4 mm diameter thick

Transparent Pure Nylon Membrane Covering

Strong Heavy Duty Outer Aluminium Frames Fixed With High Tensile Fasteners

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